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  MSTS BNSF 4340 Dash9-44 CW Locomotive

Modelo y texturas originales Maple Leaf Tracks / Repintado Jose Luis Fernandez (Vagoneta)




This is a repaint of the BNSF #4723 Dash9 model freely released by Maple Leaf Tracks Inc. (repaint of Maple Leaf Tracks' free replacement Dash-9) found at: (BNSF Dash 9-44CW)

Original model by Maple Leaf Tracks. Permission has been granted in advance to re-skin and to re-distribute as freeware as per the opening installer screen where in it states: "This is freeware which can be re-textured and redistributed if you wish".

Installation: Just run the exe. file. A basic consist is included.

Painted by Jose Luis Fernandez (Vagoneta) -Spain.


DESCRIPCIÓN: Repintado de la Locomotora freeware BNSF #4723 Dash9, de Maple Leaf Tracks (
Agregado el:

19/06/2007 21:08

Última descarga:

05/12/2020 11:58



Tamaño aprox.:

4,063 Mb

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